In pursuance of the mission to recognize the heroic deeds of the most inspirational women of Pakistan, the enormous activity of “Wonder Women Awards“ was initiated in the year 2011. Within a short span of time, this activity has transformed into an anticipated event at the national and international level. The event witnesses "the unstoppable agents of change" getting their due share of recognition, fame and official status. The national convention of "women of inspiration" followed by the wonder women award ceremony is organized every year usually on the occasion of International Women Day 8th March.


The nomination process begins with an official announcement and media campaign introducing the objectives of the awards, outlining what it entails and also urging the citizens of Pakistan for their assistance to identify the most deserving women of inspiration for this prestigious honor. The awardees will be shortlisted either from Public nomination or Self nomination. Nominations can be submitted through our website, e-mail and postal services with verifiable attached documents.



The Wonder Women of Pakistan Awards highlights the power and impact of phenomenal and quotable women by commemorating their accomplishments, celebrating their glorious history and paving a way for other women for future achievements and excellence in everything they do.

This prestigious honor is bestowed every year to the Most Inspirational Women of Pakistan, who have done exemplary work and attained exceptional achievements in different walks of life, uplifting the progressive image of Pakistan along the way.

We deem capacity development and Economic empowerment of women as key ingredients in achieving gender equality, poverty eradication, inclusive economic growth and social development in Pakistan.


The Wonder Women board of approval will formulate their own guidelines of judging based on the suggested criteria:

  • Whether the nominee has a leadership charisma and has a visionary approach.
  • Whether she is articulate and persuasive.
  • Whether her work is relevant to the socio-economic conditions of her community and country as a whole.
  • Whether she has made a substantial difference in her field of achievement.
  • Whether she has succeeded to inspire and motivate others to join in her particular endeavor.
  • Whether she has come up in life after a great deal of struggle and adversity.
  • The nominee suitability as a role model is essential and important.


  • The contest is open to all Pakistani women resident in the country or abroad.
  • The nominee must have been working in the relevant field for minimum of five years.
  • The profile of accomplishments should be documented, verifiable, subject to objective appraisal.
  • Nominations may be made by herself or received through public nomination.


The award ceremony includes a red-carpet presentation, which culminates with the distribution of awards and is followed by a soul-soothing musical and a cultural show. The ceremony is all about extravagance and we make sure that the event is one of the most rejoicing and unforgettable events in the year calendar. The ceremony also provides an opportunity to connect with a professional's network, as well as to enjoy a series of presentations, which inspire, motivate and celebrate women success beyond boundaries.

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