The Preamble & Motive

The inception of Wonder Women Association aims to highlight and commemorate the achievements of notable women for their very essence of forbearance, integrity, and heroic spirit. We want to champion positive female role models and cultivate a culture where women can encourage and celebrate unique alchemy of their stalwart achievements. The association intends to connect inspirational and enterprising women from every walk of life, and to exhibit the professional success and inspire shared experiences. In doing so, the association will extend its platform to recognize their outstanding achievements and celebrate their distinguished characters.

Bringing together influential women of the future, the Wonder Women Association will become an exclusive community platform of trustworthy and prominent Pakistani women classified as the modern-day women champion. Indeed, it's a proven fact that the act of recognition and commemoration uplifts and validates any one's contribution, so the association aims to showcase the real strength of Pakistani women, who stand out and proved their mettle in any field of endeavor, women who are promoting peace, bringing harmony and contributing to the increased resources and enhancing productivity in whatever role they have taken on.

Women make up 50% population of Pakistan. Yet, there is no such platform where their wins, their struggles, their successes ad their achievements are highlighted and preserved. Also, there lacks a platform where women are guided through knowledge coaching and encouraged to make a name and personal branding for themselves.

The motives behind the establishment of this association is to identify & recognize the great Pakistani women who left their imprints on history and have attained some exceptional achievements through their exemplary works & services for our homeland. Our core objective is to bring our women of inspiration in the limelight by giving them their due recognition and honor, which they truly deserve. This initiative will enable us to convey an enlightened message to our countrymen, that indeed we are a great nation and surely have a marvelous and prosperous future.

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