Goodwill Ambassador

Distinguished Pakistani women living either in Pakistan or abroad are appointed as Goodwill Ambassadors. A careful selection of them is made from such fields as arts, education, business, literature, science, entertainment, sports, etc. To be precise, individuals from just any walk of life are worthy of consideration.

It is our policy at WWA to induct Goodwill Ambassadors from all significant walks of life to highlight priority issues and to draw attention to its activities. We understand that the persons of the caliber of celebrities can contribute to our efforts to raise effective awareness to convey messages about its activities and to extend its public outreach.

Individuals to be nominated and inducted to serve as Goodwill Ambassadors are required to:

  • Be in possession of highly recognized talent in such fields as arts, education, business, science, literature, entertainment, sport or other such fields;
  • Be able to demonstrate a strong desire in mobilizing public interest in the purposes and principles of the WWA;
  • Be able to demonstrate the commitment and potential to approach important audiences, including decision making authorities;
  • Be of charismatic personality deemed necessary for such high profile placement;
  • Be influential enough to be able to promote the values of the WWA across all national and international borders;
  • Be able to work for gender equality in an effective manner;
  • Be knowledgeable and articulate in working for all WWA goals and activities

It is the aim and objective of WWA to appoint Goodwill Ambassadors in every city and community of Pakistan. Since a sizeable Pakistani community exists overseas in many parts of the world, it is our aim to appoint such ambassadors in all such communities. The Arabian Gulf, Middle East, North America, Australia and Western Europe are areas with sizeable Pakistani community and will therefore qualify for such appointment of goodwill ambassadors on a preferred basis.

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