Today's ceremony is a historical event. Such type of great event in which this much enormous amount of talent, success and achievements are gathered under one roof, is never ever organized in the history of Pakistan. It is nothing less than an honor for me to be here and to become a part of this great event. I am deeply thankful to National Hero Foundation (NHF) for inviting me in between of such great and iconic women and to present awards to all these inspirational women of Pakistan. Here, I would like to praise the role of NHF in promoting such event and for setting a trend

National Hero Foundation is setting a new trend in the society. To highlight the rights of women and to raise voice for their rights to organize the ceremonies to reward the exceptional Pakistani women, to recognize their capabilities and to specially celebrate a day related to them, is something which was missing in our society. But now the National Hero Foundation took a historic initiative to acclaim the inspirational work of all those Pakistani women, who create a history and achieved a glory in their respective field of interest. It is a clear reality that none of government can be able to take such initiatives single handedly and it needs a public/ private coalition to achieve a milestone. And NHF gave a concept of public/private partnership, and to mobilize the resources to work together for the strengthening and powering the women of Pakistan.

In the backdrop of current situation, where Pakistan is at crossroads between present and future, it is difficult to be optimistic about the progress and supremacy of the country. But, I have hopes and, I am confident that we are a great nation and have a good future ahead of us regardless of ups & down and challenges that faced by us. And my hopes become a strong belief when, I came to know that a representative of the young generation "Mr. Sheikh Rashid Alam" has taken the initiative of establishing "National Hero Foundation" (NHF). It is important that we make people, particularly the youth of the nation, aware of the priceless contributions, valuable work and services that our National Heroes rendered to the Nation. I really admire and congratulate all those had the foresight to institute such an activity as the Wonder Women Awards and National Hero Awards. I pray to Almighty Allah to give them all possible success in this regard.

When we talk about women's rights with respect to Pakistani women, the abuse of honor killing comes to our mind. Surely, the film on honor-killing by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy was outstanding. I saw this film with Prime Minister in the PM's Secretariat Islamabad. In my view about 500 to 700 women fall prey to this evil every year. We are proud to have passed Women Protection Bill in Punjab Assembly. I would like to see other provincial governments to pass such a bill in their provinces to ensure protection of women. Merely organizing talk-shows and seminars on this issue will serve no purpose.

I salute National Hero Foundation for organizing Wonder Women Award and encouraging women in every sector to pave the way for their progress.

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